July – Bespoke Order

A bespoke order completed tonight for Penzance Dry Dock.

8x Heaving Lines!

These are made from a Spanish longline that was washed ashore in St. Ives earlier in the year and recovered by Fathoms Free and Sea Shepherd UK and kindly donated to us to repurpose.

Each heaving line is comprised of a weighted monkeys fist knot that encloses an 85g / 3oz lead ball, the tail is then spliced back into the mainline with a 4 strand tuck splice.

20 meters or 11fathom is then measured out and the end sealed and prevented from fraying by adding a Sailmakers Whipping.

The heaving line is used on ships as the first line ashore, to enable the heavier mooring lines to be pulled from the ship to the quay. It is weighted so it can punch through the wind and travel the long distances required. You don’t want to get hit by one of these things! Trust me I know!

Total rope used: