We work closely with several conservation charities and organisations, including: Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Clean Ocean Sailing, Fathoms Free and the PlasticFree initiative, among others. Giving our time and energies freely to support the amazing work these organisations do.
Clean Ocean Sailing

Clean Ocean Sailing

The real plastic free pirates! Living and working from their historic sailing schooner, Clean Ocean Sailing specialise in removing plastic debris from inaccessible coves and beaches around the Cornish coast, 55 tons of junk so far!

Fathoms Free

A group of volunteer sub-aqua divers that remove lost and discarded fishing gear from wrecks and reefs around our coastline

Ghost Fishing UK

An organisation with a focus on removing all manner of ghostgear from around the UK Coastline.

GhostNet Busters

Divers who volunteer to clean up the sea bed by removing ghost nets and fishing gear that has become entangled around underwater obstructions.

Sea Shepherd UK

The British branch of the global team of ocean guardians. Fighting to protect marine life and restore the balance of our seas.

Newlyn Harbour Cornwall

Newlyn Harbourmaster. We work closely with the port of Newlyn to help reduce the amount of commercial fishing rope ending up in Landfill