July – A rescue from the Sea

We had a call out last night from good friend and supporter Andy, Skipper of Tiger Lilly Boat Trips St Ives alerting us to a large amount of trawl net.

Whilst at sea yesterday Andy recovered this huge floating lump after nearly getting his boat tangled up.

Within the mess was a load of Triggerfish, still alive, that were duly set free!

Andy bought the net into St Ives – Cornwall for us to pick up for recycling.

So, with our Pick up in the garage it fell to the trusty ŠKODA to save the day, 0830 this morning we picked it up and slung it on the roof.

Another load of ghostnet removed from the sea, preventing harm to sea life and water users.

If any artist or crafty people would like this net please get in touch. If not it will be sent for recycling.

Thank you very much to the Fishermen and Boatmen of St Ives.